Grant Information


Funding awarded will be paid directly to the chosen service provider and must be used for: (Service provider must be an Illinois 501(c)(3) organization)



*    Day programming (vocational/developmental training or workshop program)

*    Residential programming (CILA-Community Integrated Living Arrangement)

*    Initial start up costs for residential programming (CILA)

*    Initial start up costs for day programming

*    Supplemental support funding (job coach, aide services, therapy services, transportation costs)


It is not a Bridge2Hope objective to secure programming placement for an individual.  A program or service provider should be selected and applied for by the individual and/or guardian prior to applying for Bridge2Hope grant if possible.


If you need help finding a service provider, click here for a list of local providers or ask your local PAS agency for a more comprehensive Illinois list.


Bridge2Hope grant will be awarded for a 12 month period subject to annual review based on the following:


*      Guardian has shown that they are actively securing DHS or alternate funding source for programming.

*      Contingent on Bridge2Hope fund availability.


Once DHS funding is secured by the individual, Bridge2Hope grant will terminate for day and residential programming but may continue for supplemental support funding and initial start up costs for programming if necessary.








*      Must be in PUNS database.  (Prioritization of Urgency of Need)

*      Would be eligible to apply for but cannot or has already applied for and been denied Department of Human Services funding for adult services due to new DHS criteria and state budget limitations.

*      Initially available to Elim Christian School students or recent graduates. Once sustainability is established and demand within this population is met, this criterion will be broadened to include South Suburban Cook County, Cook and Will Counties, and then the state of Illinois, in that order.

*      Age 18 or greater if seeking residential funding.

*      Age 21 or greater if seeking day program funding.

*      Current SSI and Illinois Medicaid medical recipient.

*      Grant recipient must have a sponsor that will commit to 24 hours per calendar year of volunteer services to the Bridge2Hope cause.